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Charter Township of Oxford

Engineering Consultant


Charter Township

of Oxford

300 N. Dunlap Rd

Oxford, MI 48371


Client Since


Jack Curtis

Services Provided

  • Review conceptual, site plan, and engineering drawing submittals
  • Design safety path network expansions
  • Attend Township Board and Planning Commission meetings
  • Provide topographical surveys and grave layout for cemeteries
  • Assist with Township water distribution and sanitary sewerage systems issues
  • Meet with Township residents regarding civil-related issues involving their property

Township Safety Path

Sharpe Engineering has been the Professional Engineering Consultant for the Township since May 2011.  Previously, Jim Sharpe had served as the Township’s engineer for three years while working for his prior employer.  This past knowledge and experience paired with the company’s specific emphasis on cost-effective solutions were key to Oxford Township awarding Sharpe Engineering the contract. Sharpe Engineering’s ability to provide services to Oxford Township’s growing community while understanding their mixture of land uses was also vital to their decision.   Most recently Sharpe Engineering has fully designed two safety paths in accordance with the Township’s Safety Path Master Plan.   These paths grant adjacent residents safe non-motorized access to Downtown Oxford.   Included with these designs were the topographical surveys, easement preparation, and associated meetings with property owners and Township officials.


Further Safety Path improvements are scheduled to occur in which Sharpe Engineering will perform all of the pathway design.

Market Street

Sharpe Engineering performs all site plan and engineering plan reviews for all new commercial developments as well as provides full-time inspection during the construction of these developments.  Sharpe Engineering also attends Township Board and Township Planning Commission meetings.  Plot grading reviews and soil erosion reviews and inspections are also administered by Sharpe Engineering.

Other projects that Sharpe Engineering assists the Township with are water and sewer system issues and designs, cemetery maintenance, SAD projects, grant application assistance, and water and sewer tap fees rate studies.

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