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Mt. Elliott Cemetery Association

Water Rate Study



18201 Clinton River Rd
Clinton Twp. MI 48038


Completion Date

Mike Chilcote




Services Provided

  • Provide assistance in disputing local municipalities water and sewer usage rates
  • Perform runoff calculations to develop overall impervious factor for each cemetery location
  • Review past engineering plans and legal documents to determine terms of previous agreements
  • Attend meetings on behalf of the Association with the DWSD
  • Design metering facilities as needed to monitor water flow

Mt. Elliott Cemetery - Detroit, MI

Three Mt. Elliott Cemetery Association locations have recently been affected by adjustments in their water and sewer rates.  Sharpe Engineering has assisted MECA with mitigating these increased bills by attempting to prove to the local municipality that the rates are incorrect per previous agreements.  At the affected cemeteries the sewer usage is assumed to be equal to the water usage.  However, because of the immense amount of water used for irrigation in the summer months and the fact that the cemeteries are largely pervious surfaces this equality is not indicative of the load that that is being added to the sewer system.  Sharpe Engineering performed calculations to find the runoff factor for the cemeteries.  Sharpe Engineering also has represented MECA before municipality officials and the Detroit Water and Sewerage Department.

Mt. Olivet - Detroit, MI

Aerial Photo - Mt. Olivet Cemetery

At  Resurrection Cemetery, Sharpe Engineering’s efforts  helped procure approval from Clinton Township to install water usage meters at the offices within the cemetery to get a better representation of the actual sewer usage.  This has allowed the cemetery to save over $15,000 per month in sewer billings.

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