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Mt. Elliott Cemetery Association

Garden of the Ascension Mausoleum



18201 Clinton River Rd
Clinton Twp. MI 48038

Completion Date

Mike Chilcote




Project Cost

$8 Million

Spring 2013

Services Provided

  • Complete topographical survey of section and adjacent areas
  • Prepare soil erosion and temporary access plans for required permits
  • Perform calculations and prepare storm sewer system plans
  • Provide detailed grading for sidewalks, stairways, ramps, and landscaping areas
  • Collaborate with  construction manager, structural engineer, and landscape architect
  • Assist with on-site adjustments during construction process

Mausoleum construction

Sharpe Engineering provided the civil site design for the “Garden of the Ascension” mausoleum project.  This project converted a fully landscaped section into a predominantly hardscape surface of sidewalks and buildings.  This change, in turn, required an extensive drainage system to be designed.  Sharpe Engineering collaborated primarily with Tribute Design Systems (Wisconsin) on the project along with structural engineers, landscape architects, and construction managers.  As with any project, longevity and durability were important to the client.  This is especially important with a mausoleum in that it needs to last essentially forever.  Proper measures were taken during the design phase to ensure that mausoleum site (sidewalks, storm sewer, subbase) would last.

Full Site Aerial

With the new mausoleum being built in the middle of an existing operating cemetery it was important to the client to preserve the serenity for guests visiting during the construction period.  Sharpe Engineering helped layout a temporary construction entrance and staging area in an adjacent portion of the cemetery.  This allowed the construction  workers, equipment, and materials to be as isolated as possible from the existing cemetery and be less of a disturbance.  Along with obtaining the necessary permit for this temporary entrance from the Road Commission ,  Sharpe Engineering also assisted in obtaining the soil erosion permit and provided assistance to the client for site plan and engineering approvals.

Selected development section adjacent to Ex. Mausoleum

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