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Checkers Restaurants

Orion Township, Michigan


Stephen Auger + Associates
Brad Klein

2011, 2013

Completion Date

$300,000 each

Project Cost

Services Provided

  • Complete site topographical and boundary survey
  • Prepare conceptual phase and Site Plan submittal drawings
  • Design water distribution, sanitary sewer, and storm sewer systems
  • Prepare legal access easements for DTE and fire suppression utilities
  • Assist in obtaining MDOT, RCOC, MDNRE, and Orion Township Permits
  • Provide record drawings for completed site

Grand Opening - Lapeer Road

Acting as the civil consultant to Stephen Auger + Associates, Sharpe Engineering provided full site engineering services for two Checkers Restaurant developments.  On both projects the owner chose an aggressive timetable for the project to be completed.  The result was only a 10 month period between contract signing and the restaurant grand opening with much of the construction taking place during winter months.  The two original parcels, one located on Lapeer Road (M-24) and the other on Brown Road near Great Lakes Crossing, required lot combinations and rezoning which Sharpe Engineering helped facilitate.  With the abbreviated timeline it was crucial to meet project deadlines.  The 700+ square foot building was shipped from Alabama in multiple large sections.    This construction method required precise utility, sidewalk, and pavement design in order to accommodate the prefabricated structure as only minor field adjustments

Site Construction Phase - Lapeer Road

Site Construction Phase - Brown Road

could be made upon the arrival of the building.  Based on existing site conditions Sharpe Engineering designed a retention pond on one site and a detention pond on the other to collect storm water runoff.  The Brown Road Checkers site is only a small portion of the owner’s total property and thus there are more commercial developments planned for the future.  It was important to design the Checkers site to function properly on its own while also allowing for future expansions and interconnections with adjacent sites.  Along with obtaining necessary Township permits, Sharpe Engineering prepared the plans to the requirements of MDOT, RCOC, and the MDNRE in order to receive necessary permits.  Sharpe Engineering collaborated with the Township and the Fire Chief in the design of the sanitary sewer service and water suppression system for the restaurant.  Construction administration and record drawings were also provided to the owner.

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