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Civil Engineers for

Southeast Michigan​

Specializing in Site Development and Infrastructure Design, Sharpe Engineering is able to provide your civil engineering needs by delivering a timely, high-quality design product that will maximize your goals and profits. Our 30 years of engineering experience encompasses raw land condominium and subdivision projects, infrastructure rehabilitation projects for private residential, mixed use, and commercial developments, municipal consulting and design projects, various K-12 school buildings and athletic complex improvements, as well as medical and various specialty projects. Our goal is to ensure that all of your visions and desires are achieved while also placing specific emphasis on cost-effective solutions during the design process.

As a client of Sharpe Engineering, we are confident that you will come to rely on our civil engineering expertise, and that our long-term relationship will be one of trust, commitment, integrity, cost-effectiveness, and positive results for many years to come.

Engineering Site Plan
Oxford Wildcat Athletic Field
storage facility
Poly Ann Trail Boardwalk
cemetery approach entrance
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