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Private Developments

Checker's Restaurant

Orion Township, Michigan

Sharpe Engineering paired with Stephen Auger + Associates to complete two Checker's Restaurants within the last two years.  These projects were seen from the early concept phase to completion.  Some of the tasks performed for the client included:

  • Completed site topographical and boundary survey
  • Prepared conceptual phase and site plan submittal drawings
  • Designed water distribution, sanitary sewer, and storm sewer systems
  • Prepared legal access easements for DTE and fire suppression utilities
  • Assisted in obtaining MDOT, RCOC, MDNRE, and Orion Township Permits
  • Provided record drawings for completed site

Leader Dogs for the Blind
Rochester Hills, Michigan



Jim Sharpe was the engineer of record for the final site plan and site engineering documents in conjunction with the state of the art Polk Residence and Training Center completed in 200x.  The facility is used to train guide dogs as well as familiarize the visually impaired, blind, and deaf-blind clientele with interacting with the dogs.  Some of the specific engineering design elements included:

  • Configured internal road circulation network and bus accommodations for both dogs and people
  • Performed complete site grading and sidewalk design
  • Created new parking lots and expanded parking areas for visitors
  • Designed storm water management systems, including the expansion of existing detention pond
  • Designed private sanitary sewer and water main extensions to service the Polk facility
  • Performed site design to accommodate a new pavilion / training area
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